The more you shoot, the less damage the turrets do. 

Prevent the Tofu Cats from something, we don't know what that is, but it isn't good.

Setup Food turrets to stop them from completing their mission. Each level you are given a limited amount of turrets to stop them. Turrets deal with various damage types: 

  1. Lemon and Orange deal Acid Damage
  2. Radish, Potato, and Melon deal Bonk Damage

Each tofu cat is equipped with items to help it survive your attacks. These include:

  1. Gas Masks for Stink 
  2. Fire Helmet for Spice 
  3. Boxing Helmet for Bonk
  4. Warm Hat for Chill
  5. Slippery Shower Cap for Stick
  6. Cool Goggles for Acid

There are 4 Levels:

  1. Tutorial Level: 3 Enemies. 1 Turret.
  2. Level 1: 15 Enemies. 4 Turrets.
  3. Level 2: 24 Enemies. 7 Turrets.
  4. Level 3: 30 Enemies. 10 Turrets.


  • When First Loaded Into a Level, Click a Cube top bring up the Turret Selection Menu.
  • You can then Select from 5 Turrets and an extra button appears to toggle Auto Firing( Fire at enemies within range)
  • You can Select a turret again to change it.
  • The play button on the top right will start enemy spawning.
  • Once in play mode you will be able to exit with the button in the top right
  • Additionally any Turret not set to auto fire can be clicked to fire it.
  • At anytime in a level you can press escape to return to the main menu


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i can't load the game on the web