Game Description

You awaken on a bicycle in the middle of nowhere. Guided by The Optimist, you set out on a biking adventure full of joy and happiness! Will you continue in sheer joy, or fall into the sarcasm of The Pessimist? With multiple endings over 8+ routes, you can explore various scenarios and snarky comments between the narrators.

The project isn't complete at this point. This is just the first stage and still a bit buggy. But we're still proud of the work we put into it.  We plan on completing this game in its entirety soon.


  • Lead Developer: Trevin Pointer
  • Level Design: Joseph Owens & Trevin Pointer
  • Scripting: Anthony Palmer & Joseph Owens
  • The Optimist: Anthony Palmer
  • The Pessimist: Joseph Owens
  • Sound Development: Anthony Palmer


The game has been altered since the game jam due to a game breaking bug. Other than the bug, nothing has been changed.

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